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About us at Lantrix Lantrix have been providing web solutions for clients for many years. Over those years, we have built up a very good knowledge of the internet, and what makes a good website good ... and more importantly, what makes a bad website bad.

Naturally, we use this vast knowledge to create websites that perform exceptionally well in both search engines and for the user themselves. With the combined experience of our team of experts, we cover everything from SEO, PPC, SEM not to mention our vast knowledge and over 22 years combined experience in our online and offline sales and marketing teams.

Lantrix was born from a desire to create a presence on the Internet that could let people be heard. From a corporation with hundreds of staff, to a one man band business, Lantrix has worked with them all and given them equal opportunities to increase their online exposure.

It is this level of success that keeps our 100% record of keeping ALL our clients. Thats right... we have NEVER lost a single client from the day we began trading. All our clients remain loyal, both in the business sense and as personal friends. We put this down to the fact we have always consistently provided results above and beyond expectations, and simply that we treat all our clients the way we like to be treated... as people, not numbers or pay cheques.

If you look for more than just a web design company... more than just a web agency ... more than just a marketing company... then you have come to the right place, because at Lantrix, you will always get more than you asked for and a smile to go with it. Contact us for more details


Client Testamonials

"Its always been a pleasure to work with you guys. I spent the best part of a month with Amit onsite and I have to say his manners and knowledge are remarkable. His abilities as a copywriter and PPC analyst are underestimated by his modesty and you couldnt wish to meet a nicer guy. Drop in for a coffee anytime!"
Maxine - Bristol Property

"I speak with the gang at least twice a week as part of our consultancy package and its always a revelation. Barry who runs the SEO team now feels like a friend I have known for years and thats not a bad thing. With his immense knowledge of the SEO and marketing industry, I could do with more friends like him"
Kay - Careplus Homecare

"Paul manages our account and also makes a mean coffee! I have always found the team to be helpful and courteous not to mention professional. If you need a great company and a great sales and marketing guy to run your account, call Lantrix and ask for Paul!"
John Lochrie - Galashiels

"Absolute pleasure to work with. Paul, Amit, Barry, Rod, Rob, James... each and every one of the managers are great. They sure never let their knowledge go to their heads and remain as personable as the first day we met. Throw a great xmas party too, isnt that right lads! (remember that?!)"
Steve - Oak Utility Computing


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