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Infrastructure and Telecoms for Business

Infrastructure and Telecoms for Business from LantrixWe have been involved in bringing complete infrastructure and telecoms solutions to clients since the early 1980's. Since those days, we have seen many changes in the strategic planning, architecture and uses of telecommunication technology, but now we see that even bigger changes are on their way.

Due to the rapid advances within all fields of communications media, companies now have access to strategies, infrastructure and solutions that can transform converged infrastructure from simply an enabling tool, into a strategic asset.

Here are just some of the advantages to be secured from correct usage and implementation of these transforming technologies:

  • Leveraged use of technology can bring substantial cost benefits in time, materials and management resources.
  • Substantial improvements can be immediately demonstrated to a company's 'bottom line', with an equally proportional increase in customer service levels.
  • This technology can be personally tailored to specific company needs, enabling a faster and more efficient achievement of company targets and goals.

Our solutions include IP, ATM or circuit-switched networking capabilities that enable you to specifically configure your network to suit your business' needs, whilst ensuring that your configuration is 'future proof' and our innovative combination of voice and data can dramatically overcome bandwidth restrictions and costs. Additionally, we have a selection of switching strategies and technologies that allow you to access your network according to your needs and budgets; our main technologies in this field are; Carrier pre-selection (CPS), Least Cost Routing (LCR), Manual Access and Direct Connection.

If the time has come for your company to start reaping the benefits of strategically planned telecoms infrastructure and to prepare your communications platform for tomorrows needs, then give us a call; we will be happy to explain our solutions to you in detail and to show how you can achieve solid, tangible and quickly noticeable results in your performance, profitability and competitive edge.



Infrastructure and Telecoms for Business

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