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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing from Lantrix Search engine optimisation, or SEO is extremely important in todays global online marketplace. You can have the best website on the internet, but if people do not know it exists, then you are fighting a losing battle.

More now than ever, people are using Search Engines to look for products and services they require. Your only hope of making your website successful is to appear in major search engines, but not only that, you need to appear above your competitors.

Research has shown that approximately 85% of all Internet users that use search engines, never look beyond the first four pages of results. This means that if you want to get any interest in your website, then it's imperative that you appear in those first four pages, preferably within the first two pages.

You can almost guarantee that if a competitors website appears within these first pages of results, they will be getting valuable interest or custom that you could have taken advantage of if you were more prominent within search engines. We offer search engine optimisation as a service to help you to get more interest in your website and dramatically increase your websites visitors. Not only that, but we do not use "dirty tricks" to do it, unlike some other companies. We simply rely on our skills and experience to generate more traffic to your site.

We have seen up to 750% increase in traffic to our customers sites in the past and therefore firmly believe in our ability to do the same for you. There are many companies out there that will "guarantee" you top ten placements within Google search engine for example. But, how they can offer guarantees on a search engine that doesn't belong to them, begs an explanation.

Typically, you will find that companies will "trick" search engines into promoting your site, but unfortunately, as soon as the search engine figures out it has been the victim of a "trick".. and it will... you will be banned from that search engine indefinitely.

"Can I do this myself?" I hear you say... and the answer is yes! But, you can also change a clutch in your motor car, you can equally fit your own kitchen at home... but 99% of the time, people leave these jobs to the experts, and this job is no exception. It is better left to those people who have been doing this for years with a 100% success rate.

Can you afford to take a chance? Didnt think so! So leave it to us and we will carry out the work for you professionally and safely. You will not find yourself banned, in fact, quite the opposite, you will find yourself with increased website visibility within the top ten search engines. We cannot give false guarantee's of ratings, but we CAN guarantee that we will give your website our 100% commitment until we achieve a result.



SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing

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