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Branding & Logos

With so many companies now online, it’s proving harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Branding has become increasingly important as a result and having a set of easy to follow branding guidelines is pretty much standard these days, even for smaller companies.

Brand Identity Creation

Creating a really strong brand identity can prove harder than you thought. It isn’t just about the image of the company (the brand), or the process of portraying the brand (branding), but the brand identity itself and what you stand for. Ask yourself questions such as;

  • What is your mission? (why did you start the company?)
  • What are your values? (what do you stand for and why?)
  • What is your brand personality? (playful, modern, funky, corporate etc)
  • What is your USP? (what makes you different?)

All of these things combine to define your brand and how the public would perceive it. We can help you to discover your brand identity and then create the required assets which will ensure you are always consistent in representing your brand.

We can help you to create a set of brand guidelines and assets which you can supply to any relevant parties to ensure that when they are using your company name, they are also consistent in the way they represent you.

Logo Creation and Brand Design

One of the first things that people think of when they think of a brand is probably the logo. Your logo should be simple, not overly complex and be quickly and easily recognisable from a small corner on a business card, right up to billboard sizes and above. This will really help your brand to be easily remembered.

We can help you to establish a brand, or even rebrand an existing company, by taking all of your values, goals and tone of voice, and creating a suitable brand to represent you.

Consistency is the key with creating a solid brand and designing the brand assets to convey that consistency is absolutely key. Everything from your logo, business cards, website, brochures, packaging, social media graphics and even your uniforms that your staff wear should be consistent right across the board.

If you’d like help creating a brand, rebranding or simply want a logo creating for you, then please contact us and we will get you on the right track.