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Thin Client and Online Desktop Solutions from LantrixOur Thin Client division was formed to provide a comprehensive and unique solution for companies looking to substantially enhance their IT performance. All this, without any upfront investment, whilst at the same time reducing their IT costs to a single all-inclusive monthly charge without the need for any further hardware outlay in the future.

The best analogy as to how our solution works and what it delivers is 'satellite TV' for your computer: you pay for only what you need, nothing more and nothing less. The solution is built upon the base of Citrix technology but with the integration of a unique virtualisation algorithm that enables any type of existing 'in house' application to run perfectly within it, giving "fat client" functionality.

As a working example, if you have 100 employees in your company, the chances are that you would buy a copy of MS Office, several other applications and licences for all of them. However, what is also certain, is that not all of them would use all of the programs most of the time. Our solution allows you to only pay for how many consecutive user licences that are required, rather than a licence per person. Of course, the users could work from anywhere where an Internet connection is present. So, should the user wish to work from home, or an office power-cut means they need to stroll to the nearest Internet Cafe, the system will still be accessible and as secure, as if they are sat at their desk in the office.

Additionally, because all of your applications are hosted on our secure servers triangulated across three Data Centres, you benefit from superior performance and the full and dedicated support of our in house professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The most compelling attraction for most companies though, is that notoriously unpredictable IT hardware and support costs are permanently reduced to a single predictable monthly cost; this enables companies to budget with confidence as there will never be any nasty surprises.

Whatever the size of your business, our solution can accommodate your needs; so if saving money on IT costs whilst dramatically enhancing your company's IT performance sounds like the perfect solution for your business, then give us a call; our friendly staff will be happy to explain our solution to you…and we guarantee that our solution will yield dramatic savings for your company.



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