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Christian Arno - Lingo24 TranslationIn recent times, it has become ever-increasingly important to be flexible in business and open yourself up to as many opportunities as possible. In this global age, with the Internet breaking down boundries between the many countries around the world, it is crucial that you get your message across clearly and effectively to consumers who may not speak your language.

With your website as your online brochure, you should present yourself in as many languages as possible and this is where our translation services may prove useful. Lantrix has partnered with leading UK translation service provider Lingo24 to offer translations from English into all major world languages. We can also translate from other languages as well!

The translation process fully involves the client. It's important that Lingo24 understand exactly what image you want to put across to your prospective clients, and indeed who that audience is, before they undertake the work. This sort of information is collected through a thorough consultation, the result of which is a translation brief. This document then becomes the 'law' to the project managers, translators and editors who work on your translation. It helps ensure we meet your expectations, and that the translations are appropriate.

Lingo24 are a global translation agency with operations in seven different countries and clients from MTV to Orange. They have a range of translation service levels designed to fit your precise requirements at the right price.




Translation Services

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